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AHA Moments

Enchanting Mystical Moments actually started about eight years ago. The original undertaking came about as I was just as frustrated and confused as you probably are. I would discover an event after it had come and gone or knew an event was going to take place but could never find the info unless you know exactly how and where to look on the internet.

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Tarot Cards

Video by Spells of Magic
Article by Sherry Crawford

Wondering what this month holds for you in terms of your love life, career and personal wellness? Get answers with this 3-card reading, complete with advice for making it a month to remember!

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Bear Magick

August 23 – Sep 22

Grounding, Strength, Healing, Confidence, Solitude, Quiet Time, Courage

ROLE: To awaken the intuition

LESSON: To integrate the parts of the whole

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As the Planets Turn

September 2017

Video by by Top10 DotCom
Article by JoAnn Stoneberg

After a very intense month of August with the Solar Eclipse in Leo, the Sun, heading into September, goes inward into the quieter sign of Virgo. Here, when we look at our Virgo inner selves, we may find our humility and vulnerabilities, while remembering the strength of the sign of Leo.

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B is for Buzzalina

By Susan Heaton

B is for Buzzalina: (Buzz’ a’ lean’ ah)

Buzzalina is called Buzzy by all of her friends,
As she loves to have fun and easily blends.

Between practical jokes and dozens of smiles,
Buzzy’s laughter rings out for miles and miles.

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10,001: The Birth of the Avatars, the Battle of Armageddon, and the Future of Planet Earth

By Ralph Dickson Yaney

Fascinating book that I could barely put down.

The book although written more than 30 years ago but updated for current times, has more relevancy and significance today than in the time of its birth. Souls of Light – Avatars coming to earth in great numbers have been thwarted by the dark ones. These new incoming souls have a very unique mission and have been silenced – millions of them, whose goal was to bring our planet and all its people back to the light.

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Putting Myths about Crystals into Context

Video by Adrienne Goff​
Article by Roger Joyeaux

Very recently, I have been preparing an online workshop on crystals and the topic centred on some of the myths that abound in understanding crystals. There is the myth of healing and the myth of negativity. There are difficulties in language agreements that allow us to understand each other or not. There is the problem of generalizations that pervade the literature on crystals.

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Mystical Music

By Thomas Newman

Thomas Newman is an American film score composer. He was born in Los Angeles and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 1977, and a Master of Music in 1978.

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Got Your Number

Month of September

Article by Vikki MacKinnon

This article was published at the end of 2016. As a 1 global year, 2017 has certainly brought forward masculine fiery energy – literally, in Western Canada where our fields lay parched and brown while forest fires continue to rage in BC; and figuratively, as world leaders posture and confront each other.

The leadership theme (or as some would say, lack of leadership) has been incredibly strong this year. I sense that we may see major developments in this area between mid- September and the end of October.

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Denzel Washington - Make a Difference

This woman made an incredible prediction to Denzel Washington

Posted by Goalcast on Monday, August 14, 2017

Denzel Washington – Make a Difference

Video by Denzel Washington

This woman made an incredible prediction to Denzel Washington

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Click Post Link To Connect With Spirit Eagle

Spirit eagle will bring you immense spiritual powers if you accept thee energies.. Click https://goo.gl/uJjlli to learn more.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Monday, August 7, 2017

Mystical Art

By Energy Artist Julia

Our Family’s Secret Energy Paintings

“Spirit Eagle “is a mystical painting done in a very sacred, magical channeled energy style that in the past Spencer & I have only shown to close family members and trusted shamans due to its power. It emits raw energy that has no filter, no “off” switch, and no shield blocking the viewer from its direct flow.

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The Spirit of Gratitude

Video by lettersofgratitude​
Article by Melinda Macleod

Gratitude creates Abundance. Daily things that lend value in our lives are often overlooked and taken for granted yet they add quality of life. Look around at all that you own in each room. Be Grateful for your abundance.

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