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AHA Moments

Enchanting Mystical Moments actually started about eight years ago. The original undertaking came about as I was just as frustrated and confused as you probably are. I would discover an event after it had come and gone or knew an event was going to take place but could never find the info unless you know exactly how and where to look on the internet.

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Atlantasite, a Gentle Step towards Spirituality

Article by Roger Joyeux

Healers of all kinds will benefit from knowing how the healing crystals work and how they are best used. Perhaps you are already an intuitive healer, but now want to learn how crystals can help. If you are an intuitive healer, crystals will work for you, but your own gift trumps all.

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Love Brand You Podcast

By Sam Rafoss

Sam Rafoss will introduce you to soulful entrepreneurs who are either beginning their discovery of their personal brand or masters of it. Using her business & marketing expertise and spirituality, she will uncover the connection between our inner-self and the role it plays in our outer brand to unveil the secrets of success. Sam’s soul calling is to help the healers of the world attract their ideal clients and make money doing what they love to do. Listen in and learn the techniques and tools to discover your own individuality and personal brand.

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Got Your Number

Month of January
Video By AskAngels​
2018 – A Clearer Path for Truth? Article by Vikki MacKinnon

This year as we open our calendars, our global village will collectively experience the transformative energy of Master Number 11. Before we look closely at its powerful energy, let’s look at the 2, 1, and 8, which are energetic components of our new year. As many of you know, the 2 – which governs our entire millennium and is the lower octave of 11 – is feminine and intuitive. It seeks compromise, consensus and balance. Throughout this decade it has been sharply opposed by the masculine energy of number 1.

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Owl Totem Magick

By What is my Spirit Animal

Throughout the world Owls represent watchfulness, wisdom, healing and the ability to soar soundlessly from this world to other realities. If you observe those with Owl as their birth totem, you’re sure to see these magical and mystical traits.

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Mercury Retrograde – The Gift You Didn’t Realize You Wanted

Video by Top10 DotCom
Article by Maria Flynn

In October Mars, the boy, has asked Venus, the girl, to a dance in the zodiac sign of Virgo. They are both dressed very nicely and neatly, making sure the colors they wear match. And in this newly formed relationship, they learn how to communicate, how to give and receive and to know what exactly what their roles are in this relationship.

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E is for Echinops

By Susan Heaton

D is for Desiderada: (Dez’ ee’ dah’ rata)

Desiderada is one, who loves to dance,
To some she may seem to be in a trance.

She twirls around in a soft summer breeze,
And buzzes about like the bumble bees.

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Make Today Count

Book by Vikki MacKinnon
Article by Myrna Brown ~ Feng Shui Expert

Numbers are powerful centres of energy that affect all areas of your life. Learn how to calculate the highly discernible temporary vibrations of your personal year, month and day, how these numbers are affecting you right here and right now, and how you can engage with this energy in practical, down-to-earth ways for Peace of Mind and Positive Results. Find your own personal path to empowered living.

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Posted by Newsner Español on Friday, February 24, 2017

Being the Best You Can Be

Published by Canadian Tire​

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Mystical Art

Christmas Magic Video – Wishing Everyone a Magikal, Merry Christmas​
By BlueMountaineCards

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Angel Card Readings

Video by Thunderbird Sky
By Candice Creelman

November Card Readings

Candice has been a Reiki practitioner for 20 years, Master for 19 of those, and teaching for 12 yrs.

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