About Us

Our Mission and Values


“To pull together and empower the Spiritual Community to increase awareness, exposure and belonging in order to nourish hearts and souls by serving others with integrity and love.”

Core Values

  • Kindred spirits coming together,  supporting a unique community to nourish and open our hearts.
  • To respect and empower those who journey on this path.
  • To give with the utmost passion, gratitude and love, a home to share our gifts.
  • To provide and encourage people new to this path a chance to explore and connect where their hearts lead.
  • To foster a culture of mystical epiphanies (AHA Moments) where we can experience the magical mysteries of the Universe, open our hearts and discover our gifts.

About Leslie Vivian

Leslie Vivvian has lived over half her life in Calgary, moving here in 1980, Stampede week no less! She remembers everybody walking around in cowboy boots, big hats, with giant belt buckles and shouting ‘Yahoo’ at every opportunity. Coming from a fairly conservative city in Ontario, this was a little unnerving to say the least. However country music soon dominated her radio station and she could be found at the Ranchmens once the children were grown, taking many western dance lessons. Raising three beautiful Calgarian daughters kept her very busy for the first few years and now she is happily helping with two adorable grand children.

How did this dream come about? A number of years ago, Leslie organized and ran a business called ‘In Praise of Hands’, an arts and crafts centre which offered many classes, studios, a store and an area filled with beautiful creations for sale by talented local artists. This lead to a weekly TV show for two years featuring many of these wonderful artisans to showcase their talents and work.  In 1999/2000 with children mostly now grown, Leslie and a partner wrote the ‘Little Black Book’ – an events book filled with places to go and things to do in Calgary for an entire year. The stage was set for the future.

After finding a favourite class had started two weeks prior and a speaker had come to town earlier that month whom she had particularly wanted to see, Leslie called upon her previous skills. She set about finding numerous events which she posted in an excel spread sheet and sent out to many in the spiritual community. It was very successful but ended when she moved away for six years. Returning to Calgary, in the fall of 2016, she was gifted with a vision of not only doing the same thing but expanding it to include as much as possible in this whole magical realm.

So please enjoy the many articles and videos on the landing page. Be sure to sign up for our Monthly Newsletter (at the bottom of the home page) arriving in your Inbox at the beginning of each month with the latest stories, videos and magical additions. Join as a Member. Check out all the directories, Member’s Library, Videos and eBooks. Add Memes, blog, be part of the AHA Social Pages, form a group, follow a group, start a discussion and so on. There is much yet to come as this is just the beginning and ideas are madly bubbling away. Leslie hopes that you will continue to be enchanted as the site grows into something truly mystical.

With magical gratitude,



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