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Enchanting Mystical Moments

Have you ever:

  • Been unable to find an event?
  • Found out about an event after it was held?
  • Searched for a speciality class – couldn’t find it?
  • Missed a favourite speaker you always wanted to see?
  • Can’t find a class you want or speciality supplies for your class?
  • Didn’t know there was a Club or a Meetup group of kindred souls?
  • Tried to locate shops that carry crystals, pendulums, drums and other magical items?
  • Ever wished all these things were easily found in one magical sweet spot on the web?

Enchanting Mystical Moments actually started about eight years ago. The original undertaking came about as I was just as frustrated and confused as you probably are. I would discover an event after it had come and gone or knew an event was going to take place but could never find the info unless you know exactly how and where to look on the internet.

Some of you may remember a monthly calendar on an Excel spreadsheet that worked its magic listing classes and events held around Calgary. Relocating to Toronto for a time, ended that undertaking.

In the last couple of years, innovative technology has exploded, allowing many things formerly impossible to now be possible. This exciting new format allows the Spiritual Community to participate in so many areas by:  blogging articles; reviewing books; introducing new  healing modalities; astrology, numerology and tarot highlights of the upcoming month; sharing wonderful wisdoms and other mystical topics contributed by our Members.

come from local sources – Practitioners and Members, as this website is about featuring you:

  • Mystical Practitioners lists headings from Astrology to White Witches and everything in between.
  • Magical Marketplace features shops not only in and around Calgary but up to Red Deer, over to Banff across to Medicine Hat and down to Lethbridge.
  • Clubs & Meetups help you find like-minded friends who are passionate about what they do.
  • Spiritual churches , centres and  world schools compliment the magick.
  • ‘That AHA MOMENT’ – over a dozen interesting Spiritual  topics for your reading pleasure.

Membership Has Its Advantages, all for the outrageous price of $8.99 a month

  • Classes, Events, Practitioners, Meetups
  • Sweet Swap where you can exchange what you do with another
  • Contests, voting, monthly giveaways, discounts gifted by stores and practitioners
  • Little Local Library & Video section – publications posted by Members
  • Global Library & Video section – add a favourite blog/article or video by another
  • Please read ‘Membership Has Its Privileges’ for more awesome extras

This site will continue to develop over the months to come and you input is most welcome. Help contribute to it and make it an awesome resource center for all who follow or wish to follow this path. Have a new idea for something that should be part of this? Let us know! Many wonderful sections have been the germ of an idea contributed by others. Check back every month and as we grow, you might find you will want to check back every week for all the interesting tidbits that will come your way.

Please fill out the various categories you wish to have your information posted: Mystical Practitioner; Class & Events; Magical Marketplace; Sweet Swap; Celestial Centres; Clubs & Organizations; Spiritual Churches; Meetups, etc. We look forward to having you join Enchanting Mystical Moments as a Practitioner, Speaker, Shop Owner, Swapper, Blogger, Reviewer, Viewer, Member or whatever exciting category you wish to be in or featured in.

It is our wish for you in that in taking one of the classes or attending an event, you will experience that ‘AHA Moment’ of discovering your passion or pushing beyond your boundaries. It is our fervent desire that you find your seed of greatness and Enchanting Mystical Moments was the catalyst that helped you along the way!

Divine journeys!



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