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Atlantasite, a Gentle Step towards Spirituality

The next stone in this series on crystals is Atlantasite.  To begin the discussion on Atlantasite, consider that we are living in a free-will zone on Earth.  It is not up to the universe to influence our decisions or make suggestions for us.  It is up to us to consider what it is that we want.  We make the choices.  A person’s choice to be on the spiritual path has to be his or her choice.  The universe cannot interfere with, or even influence, a person’s choice to be spiritual.

There are many, many persons, who are not yet on the spiritual path, and many more, who have yet to even consider being on the spiritual path.  Their level of consciousness is such that they have not quite come to the question as to whether or not they want to be on the spiritual path.  Further, free choice dictates that there is to be no interference with the process of making that choice.  So, for a person who is not on the spiritual path and has not chosen to be on the spiritual path, crystals of the crystal world are not allowed to help that person be a more spiritual person or to facilitate changes that would lead to being more spiritual.

Atlantasite is aimed to help the person who has not yet chosen to be on the spiritual path.  This means that Atlantasite cannot affect the person’s vibration.  The stone is not allowed to interfere with free choice.  So, it cannot recondition or open vibration or advance the spiritual path.  Permission has not been given.

Atlantasite works without altering vibration.  It gently smooths the physical body mass that has distortions in light flow or is not fully in balance.  It can bring the body into balance, and it can smooth out distortions without changing vibration.  Atlantasite may be called the naturalizer, because it takes the body’s healing process only as far as the body’s current state of vibration.  It keeps the body’s vibration in its natural state without alteration.  Atlantasite helps a person to be all that he or she can be.  Atlantasite’s healing casts away the body’s imbalances and smooths away the distortions.  Light energy flows within the user’s body exactly as it should for right now.  So, there is no choice involved to get onto the spiritual path, but because the body is balanced and distortions are addressed and taken care of, Atlantasite helps that person to be all he or she can be, without either affecting the decision to be on the spiritual path or affecting his or her vibration in its natural state.

So, Atlantasite is the naturalizer, for those who are not yet on the spiritual path.  Consequently, most people, who are on the spiritual path, will not need Atlantasite, but, for anyone who is not quite on the spiritual path, it makes a great gift.

Atlantasite is a gentle step towards spirituality without violating free-choice.


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