Message from the Letter “E” from the award-winning book, The ABC Field Guide to Faeries.  The key message is “Discover”.  Do you remember as a child having wonder and awe about the tiniest of things?  Faery Echinops reminds us to be in awe of the magic that nature shows to us each and every day.  He also gives us some ideas of what we can do to create some discoveries in our own backyard. 

E is for Echinops: (Ek’ e’ nops)

Echinops is a very inquisitive little faery,

Who is very excited about his latest discovery.

Each butterfly he finds likes different flowers,

Due to their preference for nectar and colours.


Echinops says:

“Build a butterfly garden with a mixture of plantings,

To attract these insects which are so enchanting.

Monarch butterflies prefer to feed on milkweed,

So plant some of this and you’ll fulfill all their needs.”


Desiderada knows:

“We are all only dancing on this earth a short time,

So be sure to dance with a happy song in your mind.

Dance loudly, dance strongly to the heavens above,

But most of all, dance with your heart full of love.”



Susanne Heaton


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