Frequently Asked Questions
How are the Practitioners Listed?
All listings are done in alphabetical order for ease of access. If you wish to try out someone, please read the various bios and go with what resonates within your heart. There will be one that ‘feels right’. For all you know it could be the very last person on the list.
Are Practitioners Vetted?
Practitioners are NOT vetted at this point. We do have a rating system on the site and Practitioners are asked to outline their qualifications for the modalities they list. If you have any challenges, please let us know immediately so they can be resolved. Unprofessional conduct is not allowed and any individual doing so will be removed immediately.
Shop Information
Always phone the shop first if you have not visited it before to make sure they are open. Some are run by single proprietors. Hours may vary from summer to winter. EMM strives to have the most accurate information.
Practitioner Information
If you make a booking, call the day before to do a final confirmation of your time. Please be considerate and arrive on time. If you are late it holds everyone else up. You may have to re-schedule for another day or have a shorter amount of time. No reduction in fees if you are late.
Class Information
Always check before the day of the class, to make sure the class is still going . The shop or practitioner may have been unable to get hold of you to inform you of a cancellation.
Members Library / Video / Blogging

All relevant spiritual information will be considered and posted in the various Libraries. Practitioners may post as many articles or videos as they wish on topics they have sufficient knowledge in. Each Practitioner is encouraged to write an article (max 2 pages) on their speciality so people can get a feel for what they do and understand their practice. Please include all your contact info.

Everyone whether Practitioner or Member has a wall on their AHA Social Page in which to blog on thoughts of a spiritual nature.

There are also Global libraries for fabulous articles, videos or ebooks done by others whose work is worth putting into one of these areas.

Please submit to: Leslie1@enchantingmysticalmoments.co

What Does It Cost to List Something on the Site?

Shops, Meetups, Spiritual Churches, Centres, Clubs & Organizations are welcome to list their information for free. A representative will need to sign up as a Guest, be responsible for the account and update information as needed. New Practitioners are welcome to list themselves and include any classes for a maximum period of three months. It is our gift to help the new Practitioner with their marketing.

PLEASE NOTE: As a Guest, you will only be able to see your listing page. Once you submit the information it will then be transferred to the Members side for viewing. The site is paid for through Member’s subscriptions.

To see all the benefits of being a Member please check out: ‘Magical Member’ under Memberships on the home page.


EMM does NOT refund fees paid monthly.

EMM will refund any balance of yearly Membership Fees with a 30 day written notice on the discounted price. Notices must be sent by the end of the month or first day of the month to be effective for the following month. Please send to:  Leslie1@enchantingmysticalmoments.co

We love suggestions and are always open to them if they fit the mandate of this site. It is what helps us grow and in turn helps you. Many wonderful ideas have been contributed while putting this site together. Don’t like something? Please let us know that too, so we can improve upon it.
How Can You Help Us?

If you like the Enchanting Mystical Moments website, kindly let others know. (You can let us know too!) We look forward to making this a wonderful place to visit and learn from, especially for the spiritual beginner. Please make sure to visit and like/follow our Facebook Page.

How Can We Help You?

We hope you will find what you are looking for. If not, give us a call or drop us a line. We have magic up our sleeves and just may be able to pull a rabbit out of a hat for you.

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