By Sam Rafoss

Love Brand You Podcast

Sam Rafoss will introduce you to soulful entrepreneurs who are either beginning their discovery of their personal brand or masters of it. Using her business & marketing expertise and spirituality, she will uncover the connection between our inner-self and the role it plays in our outer brand to unveil the secrets of success. Sam’s soul calling is to help the healers of the world attract their ideal clients and make money doing what they love to do. Listen in and learn the techniques and tools to discover your own individuality and personal brand.


Althea de las Estrellas is a witchy Artist, Designer, Writer and Entrpreneur from Costa Blanca, Spain.  She is also a Web Designer and Branding Expert who helps both individuals and collectives put together polished, professional websites, products, ads and aesthetics that represent and market their brand and their services in the best, most authentic light possible.  Listen in as we discuss how diving deep into personal growth, creating daily success habits and embracing who you truly are, is the best strategy for developing your own style and living your unique personal brand.  We’ll also share our thoughts on the best ways to monetize you and your brand.

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