Book by Vikki MacKinnon
Article by Myrna Brown  ~ Feng Shui Expert

Numbers are powerful centres of energy that affect all areas of your life. Learn how to calculate the highly discernible temporary vibrations of your personal year, month and day, how these numbers are affecting you right here and right now, and how you can engage with this energy in practical, down-to-earth ways for Peace of Mind and Positive Results. Find your own personal path to empowered living.

Make Today Count – Take Charge of your Time and Your Life with Numerology provides a simple, accurate, and reliable system that will help you

  • Claim confidence, clarity, and a greater sense of direction
  • Gain greater understanding of current life circumstances
  • Feel more engaged, organized and energized – every day of your life
  • Minimize stress from your overloaded agenda
  • Create more harmony in your relationships
  • Forecast upcoming trends and opportunities

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“This is hands down one of my go to reference books! Understanding my personal numbers allows me to make choices from an empowered place, recognize the celebrations and navigate the challenges as they come – with ease and grace instead of reeling in confusion. Vikki truly is a master of numerology, sharing her wisdom and knowledge in an easy to understand and practical way.”

Dixie Bennett,  Masterful Healer for Leaders

International & Award Winning Healer, Coach, Speaker & Co-Author (You are Whole Perfect and Complete Just as You Are,  Live In Gratitude Daily,  and Bloom Where You Are Planted & Shine!)

Make Today Count makes numerology so easy. The clear, straightforward instructions help me to calculate my personal year, month and day with simplicity. From there, I can quickly access the wisdom and guidance of numbers.  I call this book my Numerical North Star. When I need a bit of extra support, it points me in the right direction.

Linda Kiernan – Career Consultant, Life Coach and Workshop Facilitator

Make Today Count has become a favorite life tool for me. I had no idea numerology could be used to enhance my life until I met Vikki.  When she explained that numerology could not only be applied to identify and utilize key years, months but even days…. a light bulb went on!

Now I have the secret for leveraging my personal best (numerological) times around my important events and dates.

Myrna Brown  ~ Feng Shui Expert

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