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Mercury Retrograde — The Gift You Didn’t Realize You Wanted (Are You Ready For Transformation?)

November 30, 2017

Mercury Retrograde: That time of year when the planet Mercury looks like it’s going backwards in the sky (retrograde) and communication, clarity, and inner truth all feels like it’s going haywire.  It’s really transformation waiting to happen if you’re ready.


Fear over Mercury Retrograde is unwarranted (in my opinion).  And if you are a long-time follower, you know that I think this is a delicate and very special time…Divinely designed for you to search out tranquility and create space to welcome expansion of consciousness.  Only then can true freedom be yours…otherwise…these next few weeks could bring you unnecessary angst.

Again…the choice is all yours.

The Universe is constantly delivering messages and experiences to us…offering us the opportunity to grow into our greatness…and become more aligned with who we really are.

So…what’s it going to take to get you to the next level of expansion and awareness and live a deeper and more meaningful life? …a life that is wholly fulfilling in all areas of life?

First, ask yourself these two questions:

Are you willing to invest in you?

Or…will you continue to invest in escapism?

Truth is, there is nothing to be gained unless we’re willing to look at things exactly as they are and learn from it…and more important…choose to utilize what you have learned for your greatest and highest good.


  • Do you experience things over and over again?
  • Do you go from job to job finding a problem with management wherever you go?
  • Do you constantly argue with friends or family because “they” don’t get it?  Have you ever found yourself asking, “Why does this keep happening to me?”
  • Do you find yourself in a rat race most of the time…working hard and counting down the days until Friday just to find your “peace”?
  • Do you only find relief on the weekends?  …on vacations?  …on entertainment, food and alcohol?  …on hours of game playing on your smart phone?

How is investing in escapism working for you? (be honest).  Have you somehow managed to convince yourself that this is how life is?  Have you settled?

I hope not! Because you are amazing and worth so much more than mediocre living.

Have you ever thought that your life, your work, your joy, your spirituality are not separate?  

In fact…Have you ever considered that the Universe beckons you to realize this with the experience She brings you?

Have you ever considered that bringing them into alignment brings out the greatness in you?

Mercury Retrograde will test you…annoy you…and awaken you…if you choose to be awakened.


Maybe skip an extra few restaurant meals, martinis, and concerts and invest in you. Choose discovery and embrace exactly where you are…exactly how it is…and appreciate the very core of why it is in your experience.  Once you really commit to having an expanded and meaningful life…you can make adjustments that will take you on an amazing journey where you are living with purpose and passion.

“Seeking comfort is dangerous. It leads to being fat, being broke, and staying in relationships with no passion. Comfort is a padded cell.”— Sean Stephenson

Change is uncomfortable…but so worth it.  It’ll make your next outing celebratory and the BONUS…not the escape.

Take full advantage of all the annoying moments Mercury Retrograde brings…you’ll laugh at them (and yourself) once you see the bigger picture.  You’ll also enjoy the multitude of GIFTS it brings you.

Let Mercury Retrograde motivate you to create tranquil time and space and then let it reveal its treasures to you…especially in the form of new perspectives, healing, deeper awareness and greater consciousness.  Utilize all the tools you have available to you…partner with healers, guides, teachers, mentors, coaches…they can help you sort it out and direct you to improvement (which by the way…only leads to more improvement)…expansion never ceases…unless, of course, you choose to escape it.


MARIA FLYNN  is the Founder and Creator of  

From abuse to obesity to healing and health (and everything in-between), Maria considers her life a blessing.


Enchanting Mystical Moments Maria Flynn

Enchanting Mystical Moments Maria Flynn

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