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Gratitude as a habit. It’s interesting because there’s a false belief about habits taking 21 days to make or break. That came as an “interpretation” of something that was said decades ago but was discovered to be false. A habit actually takes about a year to establish. Read the book called: Habit. Very well done.

In the Gratitude Group on Facebook, I encourage people to make it a discipline for at least 90 days. This was before I read the book lol. Most people that apply this, find it changes their lives in a huge way. Why? Because it gives you a new filter in which you see life by.

Today, I was walking through a very large mall and was noticing as I passed people that they were in very negative conversations. I didn’t hear one positive conversation at all. People love to share complaints. Studies have shown that social media has contributed to this on a large scale.

What about you? In the percentage of your day, are you offering positive or negative to others lives? Are you the source of negativity for others? Or do you encourage them? Here’s how you can find out: print out a schedule that is broken down into 15 minute increments for 7 straight days. Continue in your normal manner but record your convos with a plus or minus each time. Optional: add in TV, Radio, News, music or any other positive or negative influences. It’s VERY revealing!

Over the last 2 months I made some large life changes. I noticed a difference and liked it. Then I found myself going back to old patterns that after seeing this for a week and a half, I decided I was going to change. It’s your life. You only get one. What do you want others to remember you by? You get to choose how your life looks. I hope you choose well


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