It’s Here! Enchanting Mystical Moments is ready to open up to Practitioners, Shops, Classes, Events, Meetups, Clubs, Organizations and Spiritual Churches. General Membership for people who want to know more about this magical world of ours will follow afterwards.

What’s In It For You?

As a Practitioner, Store, Centre or Church this website is for you and about you! Enchanting Mystical Moments wants to feature you, your class, your event, your articles, your books, upcoming speakers and everything we can find having to do with our tribe – the Spiritual Community. By pulling together we can have a voice and stand together in unity.

As a Spiritually interested person, this website will be for you to help with any questions you may have, help with your learning path through the Members Library, eBooks and interesting videos. You can post questions in the Forum section and start a thread of answers going from those in the know. Check out the helpful hints for tips on a variety of topics. Looking for a particular modality or type of energy worker – we have over 70 categories to help you.

Anyone like to write or do videos? Send your work in for publication to the Member’s Video or Library. Maximum 2 pages please. Do you have an eBook? Anything spiritual will be most welcomed in our eBooks Section. A Global component for the Library and eBooks will be added shortly as there are some fantastic authors and articles (blogs) that would make a worthy addition.

Please check out the site and as a new Member – your first month is on us. To begin, you will need to register as a Member before being allowed access to that side. Read all the benefits and there will be lots more to come as my brain is always receiving messages from Spirit to make this a phenomenal place to be part of. You are also welcome to register as a Guest for 3 months and list for free all that you do.

Under Support you will find all the necessary info as to all the things you can do and find available to you, once registered. The AHA Social Pages is our own Facebook! Fill in your profile, add a picture, add a banner and start connecting by adding friends, blogging, posting memes, having groups follow you, finding friends, discussing events on the Forum Page or adding a tip to Helpful Hints. Note, that all this involves everyone being a Member. Here your Social Pages are kept intact and most importantly – All your posts will be seen by everyone you friend on your page! Need some extra help at a show or in your store – post your free ad in the Magical Requests section in the Forum area.

Networking lunches starting in November will feature 2 Guest Speakers from amongst the Members. Speakers can be a Practitioner, Shop owner or the owner of a Spiritual Centre. Networking tables can be requested by bringing 2 pre-paid guests. A Charity component will soon be added and the Members will choose by voting, which organizations will be helped from both the Membership fee, and any upcoming charity driven events. In 2018, bursaries / grants will be included to help further the education of gifted individuals.

Enjoy the site. Like our page and you are welcome to post memes that fit the context of the page.  Make sure to sign up for our Monthly Newsletter located at the bottom of the Home Page or Main Page. Check your inbox at the beginning of each month for exciting articles, videos and magical additions.

Have an idea to make the website even better? Let us know. Prize for the best new idea we incorporate that isn’t already on our to do list.


Two wonderful ladies have joined the team of Enchanting Mystical Moments. Sandra Catania and Crystal Johannson. Both bring many wonderful skills and talents such as Reiki, Angel readings, massage, essential oils, Reflexology, Psychic abilities, etc., as well as event planning and social media. YEAH! So, lots of great things will soon be happening. Don’t be surprised if you get receive a call from one of these earthly angels to add you to our site.




How & Why This Site Was Created

Ever had trouble trying to find an event or a class that someone mentions? Want to go to an Astrologer, a Psychic, a Numerologist, have a Reiki or Psych-K treatment but not sure who to contact or who is good? Then welcome to Enchanting Mystical Moments!

The purpose of this website is to have everything under one roof – a one stop center to unite the Spiritual Community. I was gifted this vision last October and have been relentless in the pursuit of making it happen.

No matter how you plan, life has its own set of rules and you can either give up (never) or take it all in stride, accept what is and move with the flow. Is that an easy thing to do? No, but I have learned over the years to trust – trust in the process as often that delay afforded something much better to take its place. It was also being persistent and never giving up on my dream, a responsibility I take very seriously.

I fired my first two web designers for very different reasons. My soul brother stepped up to the plate and created something so awesome, my heart cannot even thank him adequately enough for the magnificent job he has done. He has captured many of my crazy ideas and turned them into reality plus added a few of his own. This was not an easy task considering that some of what I wanted done had not been invented yet and because of his persistence and belief in my dream, he managed to figure it out and do it anyways. There is not just one or two databases in the site but seven of them plus more inside. That in itself is a feat of miraculous proportions. So thank you my beautiful soul brother, you made the impossible – possible!

A big magical hug also goes to Shelley Ng of ‘Cloud Design’ who as well took my ideas for the design of ‘Mystique’, the beautiful Peacock / Snow Leopard that graces the front of my everything and turned my wild inspirations into the outstanding design that so compliments what this site is all about. Many of you have wondered how this creation came about. I have been on a Shamanic path for a number of years now and part of our learning is to embrace the many power animals that are a part of our life. The outgoing Peacock is my life power animal that came to me when I journeyed and the reclusive Snow Leopard helps me in the healing area. The combination is unique and unforgettable!

Last but certainly not least – For those of you who have been my cheerleaders on the side waiting patiently – I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It has so far been an incredible and challenging journey. I look forward to this next year, watching as the website grows from a dream vision to reality with tons of Practitioners, Classes, Events, Shops and everything else connected to this wonderful world of ours. SO looking forward to you being part of it.

You are mystically divine – make magic happen around you!


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